Stanley Meyer Electron Extraction Pickup designs

several things occurring Use gold or copper catches electrons put the into aluminium, the quartz or plastic hold them there while that get sucked into the fer rite this is possible one of the most advanced extract methods, the temp of the core and if core is a fractal capacitor or a vibrating core need to be yields testing but this would be consider cutting edge at this time for public knowledge years of study to post these this here not them down keep them in the design and build them

One thing that is being overlooked by most people is the fact that.Meyer said with the gas gun output being diffused through the cell water column.This will improve gas yield exponentially..In theory the electron deficient air will pick up electrons from the electrolysis split molecules and preventing them from reforming as they leave the electrodes.So the way i see it is.If you have started experimenting with a water cell then you are clearly putting the cart before the horse..The gas gun and EGR is the key to this process...So take some of the gas gun output and some of the EGR and diffuse in the cell water to improve production.The Gas Gun Processor Comes First……..

.But then he realized that.With the cell being converted basically in to a gas gun and now a dielectric barrier fitted, just like the gas gun and no electrolysis in the cell.He could turn up the voltage and cause the defused bubbles in the water column to further break down in to monatomic atoms and extract more electrons in the water cell.Upping the yield of gas and or making a water fuel that will implode and explode when exposed to non processed air...


This could be under pressure like in a jet or combustion engine.Or maybe under normal atmospheric conditions...So to say there's not enough gas to run a car with a cell on its own then you have missed by far what Stanley Meyer Was doing...Sorry guys but it is a case of monkey see monkey do,and that included me for a long time...

The best bits of info on what is going on are tucked away even from people who may have already spent years studying

Stanley A Meyer Electron Extraction
Stanley A Meyer Electron Extraction

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