Engine Intake Gas Processor

To most Hydrogen Hot Rodders, 

Air Inake Processing means Cooling  and More Air Squashed into a tight space and than more cooling, and Perhaps more N2(egr) or O2 put in with more fuel for good measure.

If you have a small Air filter not enough cooling you start to run into

trouble and over heat problems.  

NOTE : the earths magnetic field holds the ozone on the planet, so if your making ozone or o1 etc have magnets in the stream of gas on intake will polarize them into 2 streams and the o1   o3 split gases will last longer 

So Imagine when we introduce Hydrogen Hot Rrodders , engine builders and Race Tuners to the fact that we can stop trying to cool so much and and over boosting so much to squash so much in, but  instead double the Force yield without the Heat.

Sounds very interestign right!!

But How? do avoid this picture below and gani same Power ?

We it is rather simple,

but takes some reading to gain the knowledge

and the extra sensory vision to be skilled in the art fo all engines.


Key Points are. 


1 Oxygen Will Double Power if you de stabilize it and prevent

   it from gounding to re stablize before combustion.

2 If Fuel is also Unstable this means a double Force Power

    with out heat upon combustion.

3 Primaly focused on Carbon Free Fuels on demand fuels like           

   hydrogen , HHO and Ammonia which are Typically implosive. 

4 HHo Example or H2 + air is 1 kw = 1 kg tnt in force. IMPLOSIVE

5  By destablizing the O2/air mising or mixed with the H2 or hho we created a New Fuel Called GTNT which is 1kg = 2x tnt force Explosive. 

6 The New Fuel GTNT gets its power from force not heat.           Meaning more Force than Heat. 


7 So we get more force for our % of O2/air with less squashing compression required and less fuel required and less cooling required all resulting in weight gains.  

Looks much better now.


Stanley A Meyer's System,

The Meyer system technologies cover many aspects.

 Highly efficient tuned electrolysis being the first.And to improve energy yield 
from this electrolysis output he included a small gas processing unit.


And Units to keep the Gases and water fuel positive charged,

Even Positve Ground or positive earth on main intake components. 

Even a Unit on the Egr to keep gases cooler and positive charged so not to ground any of the fuel or gases going to combustion chamber for ignition.


.This unit conditioned the ambient air, O2 N2 and EGR to be combined with the positive chages electrolysis gases/ or Nano Bubble Water Fuel  in the low pressure zone of the manifold.Or in th Gas Spark adaptor injector.


The conditioned air(positivee charged unbalanced o2 Missing electrons is subsequently  charged between one stainless tube and a glass insulator lined stainless tube.. The input air passes through a restriction gate enabling the engine vacuum to  lower the pressure in the gas conditioning unit.


The picture above shows both a mechanical (diaphram) vaccvolume pressure um valve to allow only required air in ( also to not allow excess ambient air in excess before being process  to ground our fuel or o2 once processed) , and a manualy operated air gate of coarse now we have electronic controlled air gates or tps /egr flow control %  

The low pressure gases become part of the electrical circuit and simultaneously are worked upon by the tuned high voltage charging circuit First charging the  circuit to circuit resonance,till maximum charge is reached.

Stanley A Meyer Gas Processor intake car

Nice Hey

Attention to Detail 

Thus acting upon the gases in much the same way as a tuned  circuit ozone tube generator.And at maximum charge point the circuit switches and discharges the gases through a resistive load.

This in turn removes an amount of electrons from the oxygen atoms and with red LED light added,leaving them in a charged state with a large attraction force for electrons in comparison to the other gases in the unit..As no other gases are  permitted to enter into the low pressure manifold the mixing of the conditioned air and electrolysis gases occurs on route to the engines combustion zone..

We can provide you with 640nm and 450 nm phase led arrays of 20 led or 30 leds Vscel for your gas processor

At this point the new phenomena happens..The combustion event! This is where we see the benefits to this chemically arranged mix..Ignition is obtained by pressure and heat. Ignition is obtained..In a situation where you burn electrolysis gases with unconditioned air gases you will get a chemical reaction giving off an amount of energy..With the conditioned gases we can extend this energy released..

During ignition the conditioned oxygen will gain it’s missing electrons leaving the hydrogen  atoms short and in turn giving us access to convert more fuel into energy.. The system will only run motor vehicles with an electronic management system.

This GMS / gas processor unit,

is electronically integrated with the electrolysis cell and gas conditioning unit and controls the resonant charging inputs.

All of this in turn is controlled by operator input via accelerator pedal. 

This management system is made to be fully adjustable and will progressively
 control vehicle speed and performance.If you require more performance you
 can adjust the gas mixture.


Unlike petrol diesel fuels the Meyer system can 
keep the fuel gases at a steady rate and combine larger amounts of conditioned air,thus extending combustion event and upping the energy release for a given amount of fuel gases from an electrolysis cell.

Builder Hot Rodder Note:
This is a large area of study we have spend years refining it to be 1 web page for you now. 
To correctly into you to the technology and application,
We have many other pages which we call Industy pags or advanced reading, Please support us  in maintaining this and join as a Industy member.
Further Topics as a Member
  • Light Types
  • Driver Types
  • Ionization types
  • Fuel Mixes. 
  • Diaphram types
  • Designs
  • 3d Files
  • Circuit Files
  • Ready made items

Not the Gas processor should be dc , but similar results can be achieve if  magnets are put either side like the epg diagram as it will make the gases polarize into 2 streams and last longer as o1 o3 

Advanced study for Gas Processor driver circuit into EEV electron extraction.

University documents are describing resonance of objects and few of them from water.

Currently there are 5 kinds of calculation models ( Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Brackett and Pfund ) for HHO resonance and there are pointing to 3200-3600Hz. It's depending on the water quality and temperature.


I have attached some documents i found about it.

Unfortunately this documents are in German but you can understand the graphic's so far you can't read German.

With this information and analysis of the circuit a new one was created:

  • - I use two independent power source, one 12V power supply for the controller and one 12-24V notebook power supply. It's a generic notebook power supply where you can switch the output voltage.

  • With this it makes the circuit more safety and flexible.

  • - I use 3 ne555 timers -> Main Clock -> Boost Clock -> Chopp Clock

  • - I use a inductor coil to convert the input voltage into high voltage

  • - To test different MOSFET's in practice i use screw terminal to replace them without soldering

The circuit has been created and tested with Lab center Proteus, this is a great program and saves a lot of time !!
Attached you will find the circuit, build version of the circuit and the pdf's reference.


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