Kits Stanley Meyer Circuits Hho Hydrogen

The  minimum kit size to run a four stroke generator would be,,,

1) Point 1 who said it was 4 stroke?  we can make it 2/3 stroke now and fuel from top, no oil etc

2) Two VIC Boards with PLL Timing vic to dbd  tune
with Digital pedal input to both boards same time adjusting amplitude on both same time
1 wfc
1 Gas processor
syncing both with a fine tune on each to bias each as required

Two high voltage switching units yes 1 to gas processor 1 to wwfc
U cores  2000 Perm
3)For all of the abo ve
Option is to have 3rd pwm vic and h bridge on air reclaimer/ exhaust processor


4)  Two VIC Transformers Option of 3 on exhaust Can USe the Electrical  Polzrizer to extract Electrons.


5) Cell Resonator cavitation device ( possible 4th set)

  bench top off 11 cell wfc1 vic will do 7 lPM with basics if more  than it is 1 vic per cell ,  or larger induct or and  much longer tubes


6) Gas Processor Cell with LED housing as Must have  maybe 2 as one on exhuast egr
we can make banks of these .
See Video.

Key Point is the efficiency of the electron extract there is some cool knowledge now use the lasange and ring ferrite and magnets
test the yeild may run car on elecric same tech can enhance epg

7) LED Variety of config can use many items I am shopping on this2 wat vs 2 mw means need alot less parts. just excellent reflectors that will not themself ionizeKey point is (XA power  config


8 Gas pressure feedback power cutoff board..? saftey switch are off sheld easyneed at least 3 may be 4 , vaccum on switch mercury roll over switch, pressur switch 2 locations.over rev switch  .=====================================================================

9 gas spark adapter10 Chill Tank and Peresitic pump , not - surface  all must be only + charged.Water is the carrier it is the tube the pipe the safety we dissolve into it with out new skills of the art .EGR,,Processed Gas,,feed tubing to length

Chokes for 8xa 9xa 9xb 10xa  2000 perm  $80

We Supply The Parts we have Access too

VIC Cores 2000 Perm      $

Vic Bobbin 

Vic Bobbin and Flat Core 2000 Perm

Stanley Meyer H Bridge Board only $80

HHO Vacuum Safety Switch



  1501L Microvac Vacuum operated  12 Volt Safety Switch 

HHO Vacuum Safety Switch



  1501L Microvac Vacuum operated  12 Volt Safety Switch 

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